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What is a certified translation?


In Italy, a certified translation consists of a statement signed by the translator and notarized by a Notary Public, attesting that the translator believes the translation to be accurate and complete. This should be attached to the original document and translation. Sometimes this statement is called a "Certificate of Accuracy".

A certified translation is the translation of a document which is typically required for official use by a governmental and non-governmental organisations. Translations are usually required to be certified by institutions such as universities, schools, insurance providers, potential future employers.  Certification is also required when submitting documents for marriage registration, obtaining residence permits and work permits, applying for retirement pensions and benefits.


The following documents may require certified legal translation:


Academic Records
• Academic Transcripts
• Adoption Papers
• Birth Certificates
• Customs' Documents
• Death Certificates
• Divorce Decrees
• Driver's Licenses
• Financial Records
• Immigration Papers
• Legal Contracts
• Marriage Certificates
• Medical Records
• Passports
• Police Records
• Real Estate Deeds, Leases
• Wills




This level of certification is required for documents which are to be used overseas with countries working in compliance with the Hague Convention. Examples of documents falling into this category include those supporting an overseas marriage, adoption, visa or job application.

The process essentially involves the same steps as those for notarisation. This final document acts as proof that all legal avenues have been completed and that the authenticity of the document should not be contested.

As with the Notarisation Service, an additional fee would be charged for this service to reflect the fee charged by the Foreign Office.


The counting is made on the basis of target text (rate for a sheet of 1000 characters incl. spaces)


For large translations or any translation of a legal nature, it is best to call and determine the best method of evaluation.


Information required: size of document; timing; language translated FROM and INTO; type of document (medical, legal etc.) and if it requires Notarisation; Your Company info and phone #


Net prices per one page (1000 characters):


Normal mode:                   please contact me on my mobile phone or via e-mail.

Express mode ( 50%) 

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